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Girl engaging in fun speech therapy for stuttering


Find out how Fluent Expression can help you!

Sessions are offered in-person or online.


· Do you or your child struggle to get your words out? 

· Does stuttering impact how well your message is understood?

· Do you experience embarrassment or shame when these interruptions occur?

Stuttering therapy to boost confidence in speaking


· Do you find that you or your child are often asked to repeat what was said?

· Does mumbling, low volume, or rushing your words get in the way of effective communication?

Learn how to speak clearly and confidently, without mumbling or speech sound errors, when engaged in public speaking or small talk so that others can understand you


· Does your mind go blank when talking to someone at work, during a job interview, or chatting at a social gathering?

· Do your presentations feel stiff, unorganized, or lack engagement with your audience?

Learn to deliver a confident and engaging presentation, lead meetings, and succeed in job interviews with strong communication skills


· Are you frustrated having to repeat your message multiple times due to your accent?

· Do you lack confidence in pronouncing certain English words?

· Do you find there is a breakdown of communication with others?

Learn Canadian vowels, consonants, stress patterns, and intonation to be a confident and fluent speaker of Canadian English

Contact Fluent Expression to discuss fees based on your individual needs.

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